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Do you know the advantages of aluminum alloy cable?

Nov. 25, 2016

Aluminium alloy cables are made out of high strength Aluminium-Magnesium-Silicon Alloy. I will tell you some advantages of it as followings:

aluminium alloy cables

Creep resistance

The alloy material and annealing process of the aluminum alloy conductor reduce the tendency of creep even the conductor under heat and pressure. Compared with pure aluminum, the creep resistance is improved by 300%, which avoid the relaxation caused by cold flow or creep.

Tensile strength and elongation

Compared to pure aluminum, due to the addition of special ingredients and the use of special processing technology, Aluminium alloy conductor greatly improved the tensile strength, and elongation increased to 30%, higher flexibility increased to 33% than copper, elastic lower than 40%, the use of more secure and reliable.

Thermal expansion coefficient

The coefficient of thermal expansion is used to calculate the dimensional change of the material as the temperature changes. Aluminum has a thermal expansion coefficient comparable to that of copper. Aluminum alloy connectors have been reliably used for copper and aluminum conductors for many years, and most of the electrical connectors used today are made of aluminum, which is particularly suitable for aluminum alloys. So the aluminum alloy conductor and the expansion and contraction of the connector exactly the same.

Connection performance

Electrical connections made with aluminum alloy cables are as safe and stable as connections made with copper conductors. The composition of the aluminum alloy greatly improves its connection performance. When the conductor is annealed, the added iron produces high strength creep resistance, which ensures stable connection even in the case of long time overload and overheating.

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