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Do you know the advantages of aluminum alloy cable?(3)

Dec. 03, 2016

This is the reasons that people choose aluminum alloy cable.

Aluminum Alloy Cable

Armor characteristics

Domestic commonly used armored cable, most of the steel armor, low-level security, in the external destructive power, its poor resistance, easily lead to breakdown, and heavy weight, the installation cost is very high, coupled with poor corrosion resistance, Life is not long. And we developed according to US standards of metal-clad armored cable, aluminum alloy with a chain armor, the layer and layer between the chain structure to ensure that the cable can withstand strong external destructive power, even if the cable suffered a greater pressure And impact, the cable is not easy to breakdown, improved safety performance. At the same time, the armored structure isolates the cable from the outside world. Even in case of fire, the armor layer improves the fire-resistant and fire-resistant level of the cable and reduces the risk of fire. Compared with the steel tape armor, the aluminum alloy armored structure is light in weight and convenient to lay, and can be installed in a bridge free manner, and can reduce the installation cost by 20% to 40%. According to the use of different sites can choose different outer sheath layer, so that the use of armored cable more widely.

Compression characteristics

From the volume of conductivity, aluminum alloy is less than copper, but we developed the conductor not only from the material properties to make improvements, but also in technology has made great breakthroughs, we use unconventional compression technology, the compacting coefficient To 0.93, while the compacting coefficient of the line can reach 0.95, is the first in the country. Through the maximum limit of compression, can make up the volume of aluminum alloy on the lack of conductivity, so that stranded conductor core such as solid conductor in general, significantly reduce the core diameter, improve the conductivity, in the case of the same carrying capacity outside the conductor Diameter only 10% larger than copper.

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