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Do you know the benefits of PVC insulated wire?

Dec. 29, 2016

Power cables require different types of electrical wiring in order to operate, the most popular being copper. One of the reasons is that these wires contain a high level of electrical conductivity. Aluminum conductor steel reinforced is a good example. This conductivity allows for easy passage of electricity without too much heating, and that it is much easier to control when compared to copper strips and tinsel wire.

Further metals that may be used as a means of conducting electricity is iron. While copper is more popular than iron in transmitting electricity, iron is more effective as a PVC insulated wire as the plastic coating for wires is drawn from iron. Why? Well, this metal is fire-resistant, has insulating properties and is cost-effective.

Duplex cable electrical wiring is required at various properties including both commercial and residential. Copper is recommended for residential houses as it offers higher flexibility and provides greater resistance to metal exhaustion. It is also more malleable and durable allowing an adaptation to all climates irrespective of the PVC insulated wire thickness.

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