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What is the difference between conductor AAAC and ACSR?

Jan. 04, 2017

The names are separately as followings:

AAAC- all aluminum alloy conductor

ACSR- Aluminum core steel reinforced

AAAC Cable

The biggest difference between AAAC and ACSR conductors are the materials they are constructed from. AAAC is made from an aluminum alloy, and ACSR contains a combination of aluminum reinforced with Steel. The second factor that differentiates the three cables is their resistance to corrosion, which is important for the longevity of the cable. ACSR has a poorer resistance to corrosion, as it contains steel, which is prone to rust. AAAC has a better corrosion resistance, due to the fact that they are largely or completely aluminum. In an ACSR the galvanized steel core carries the mechanical load and the high purity aluminum carries the current. These utilize the lower thermal expansion coefficient of steel compared to aluminum, which the aluminum based conductors AAAC is unable to do.

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