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Aluminum alloy cable connection application error status

Jun. 14, 2017

Now at home, because of the aluminum alloy cable television at the early stage of the promotion technology misleading, As well as the domestic also not type a total set of aluminum alloy cable television link accessories products industry and product supply chain, so that in the aluminum alloy Cable television connected programs are wrongly use original terminal for connecting Cable televisions of copper aluminium transition and some do not concur with aluminum alloy Cable television perTypeance of so-called aluminum terminal for aluminum alloy Cable television Link.

Aluminum Alloy Cables

And because the industry some of the so-called professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy cable television are not professional, and a team of less professional manufacturing of copper at the identical time also the Manufacturing of aluminum alloy Cable television professional manufacturers are not serious to analyze aluminum alloy and copper, aluminum Cable television on the Link application, what is the essential difference between manufacturer for profit, customers also clued-up, aluminum alloy Cable television in connecting the copper aluminum appeared on the application of transition terminals and do not Concur with aluminum alloy cable television conductor per typeance of terminal applied to connect to the so-called aluminum alloy cable television mess.

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