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What a role dose aluminum alloy cable play?

Jun. 16, 2017

It is reported that some domestic cable manufacturer also contact the individual who once worked in a professional manufacturer of terminals, trying to solve the difficulties in research, development, production and supply aluminum alloy cable.

In fact, the idea and practice is too unreliable. Imagine , Even the main manufacturer can solve the problem, only by some personal ability, how to solve this problem? Also, the cable even real aluminum terminal? When can delivery? All do not know, is not responsible for our commitment to users can form A complete set of aluminum alloy cable supply terminals. Urgent to promote the mood of the cable is understandable, but have to consider the reputation of manufacturer. Commitment to users, will do it, do not again then transfers with copper and aluminum terminals or so -called aluminum terminal to cheat customers. In case of such ACTS, is also too fool users, man. To face a difficulty, but do not astray.

In fact, the problem of special aluminum alloy cable connection terminal, can only rely on the aluminum alloy wire stack solve, rather than opportunistic, and pin their hopes on unrealable.

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