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The reason that aluminum alloy cable is popular

Jun. 19, 2017

Copper and aluminum cable conductor is a single metal material, the aluminum alloy cable is based on the aluminum base material according to the requirements of aluminum alloy conductor formula to add a variety of other metal smelting and become a new type of alloy material.

Again from cable connection conditions for:

(1) : copper and aluminum cable products after decades of development, such as cable connection technology has been very mature, form a complete set of connection accessories and other products has formed a complete industrial and product supply chain, the application conditions are very perfect.

(2) : aluminum alloy cable for its conductor is aluminum alloy material, in addition to the U.S. authentic AA – 8000 series aluminum alloy conductor has six grades, and many domestic rare earth high iron, rare earth, high conductivity, such as aluminum alloy cable, cable manufacturers of aluminum alloy conductor material is different. Which leads to the connection technology of aluminum alloy cable and connection accessories products is hard to unify, consistent with aluminum alloy cable performance supporting domestic aluminum alloy connection accessories products also difficult to form industrial and product supply chain, and so that the market doesn’t buy aluminum alloy cable accessories products such as terminals form a complete set of special aluminum alloy. Can say at home, the application of aluminum alloy cable conditions remains to be mature.

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