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Jiangsu Sanqi Cable Jiangsu Sanqi Cable Jiangsu Sanqi Cable Jiangsu Sanqi Cable
SINO-CABLES series are manufactured by Jiangsu Sanqi Cable & Wire Co., Ltd, which is one of leading cable manufacturers in China mainland. Founded in 2003, the company's headquarter lies in Rudong county, Jiangsu province and one branch factory in Jiading district, Shanghai city, with annual turnover up to 300 million USD. The employees here are working very diligently and efficiently, the equipment here is intelligent, cutting-edge and highly qualified. Adherence to long-term hard work, persistence and innovation, Sanqi people have been successfully delivering power to millions of customers in China, including the State Grid, upgrading of rural power grid, municipal lighting, transportation (high-speed way), public buildings, civil constructions, etc. With a full line of products, we produce cables as follows: 8000 series aluminum alloy cable, fireproof cable, power cable, mining cable, rubber-sheathed cable, solar cable, overhead and underground cable, bare cable, aluminum rod and bi-metal lugs.
Jiangsu Sanqi Cable Jiangsu Sanqi Cable Jiangsu Sanqi Cable Jiangsu Sanqi Cable
In 2010, on discovering the potential market of 8000 series aluminum alloy cable in china, our company invested plenty of manpower and financial resources to cooperate with China National Centre for quality supervision and test of electrical wire and cable, Changzhou Institute of Technology and other R&D units, and succeeded in developing patented 8000 series aluminum alloy cables, which is a great contribution to the development of aluminum alloy cables in China.
Through more than ten years of devotion to domestic market, we have accumulated precious experience and abundant capital, which gives us full confidence in exploring international market and delivering power to every corner of the world. No matter where you are from, and no matter how strict your requirements on cables are, just tell us your needs, and we will do our best to be committed to offering you top quality product and tailored solutions. After reading here, just feel free to contact us!
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