We are mining cable manufacturer in China

Jan. 12, 2017

Mining applications expose cable to an abusive environment. Extensive abrasion, impact, vibration, tension, cut-through, and sometimes damage from local wildlife are common causes for cable failure. Therefore, choosing a high quality, high performance mining cable, assembly or accessory is critical to saving labor, material and downtime costs. SINO-CABLES offers mine cable services to withstand this demanding environment and extend your operation. Customers use our cable in the many of the following applications: shuttle cars, longwall miners, horizontal and vertical power feeds, continuous miners and mining pumps.

mining cables

From power and portable cords, P&R cords, control cables, welding cables and accessories, SINO-CABLES’s product family has everything you need. Our dedicated engineering team will custom design a cable to meet your specific needs, or you can choose a stock item. We can deliver the complete cable package with connectors and/or terminations saving you time and money. Mining is a tough job – we are the mining cable manufacturer with the tough products you need.