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Low Price Aluminum Alloy Cable For Sale By Sanqi Cable

Oct. 09, 2018

The most AA-8000 Series Aluminum Alloy is among the most usual bare conductors within our own life and business creation. It's commonly utilized in electricity transmission and distribution . Perhaps you've discovered that more and more overhead jobs pick the aluminum metal conductor. That's because this conductor is quite consistent with the demands of overhead wires, so the requirement for aluminum metal conductors is quite large. 

Top Aluminum Alloy Cable For Sale, We generally use High quality Aluminum Alloy Cable as bare overhead conductor for both secondary and primary supply. Designed using a high-strength aluminum-alloy to accomplish a large strength-to-weight ratio; affords very good sag characteristics. 

If you want any Aluminum Alloy Cable, you just let's know its specification. We can design and produce the product in accordance with your requirements.  

Aluminum Alloy Cable For Sale

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