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Aluminum Alloy Cable Industry Development Trend

Sep. 04, 2018

With the popularization of Aluminum Alloy Cable technology and products in China, the technology, product quality and comprehensive capabilities of various manufacturing companies in the industry have been basically clear, and the brand level has clear guidance.

Nowadays, at home, from the industry level, in addition to the mature Sanqi Cable, leading the industry. Some of Aluminum Alloy Cable Supplier have independent intellectual property conductor alloy formula, which has the production of conductor material melting. And the domestic excellent second- and third-line brands of continuous casting and rolling production lines and aluminum alloy cable production equipment and the two leading foreign brands have formed the main body of the market.

From the user level, it has begun to form a market leading to China Aluminum Alloy Cable market with large groups, large customers and large projects.

In the copper and aluminum cable industry, the traditional understanding is that it can produce qualified cable products, and it can be said that the company is good. However, in the aluminum alloy cable industry, it is not enough to produce only cable products. It is also a true aluminum alloy cable professional enterprise that can provide users with a connection solution that is consistent with cable performance. This is a demand for aluminum alloy cable companies that differ in conductor materials.

Aluminum Alloy Cable

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