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How To Correctly Identify Fireproof Cable?

Sep. 17, 2018

First, identify the model: the Fireproof Cable model must have NH, the finished cable jacket also prints the word must also have the NH letter;

Secondly: peel off the finished cable, peel off the core insulation layer, and check if there is a layer of mica tape wrapped around the conductor. If there is any, it can be judged that the cable has certain fireproof function. In order to judge the performance of High Quality Fireproof Cable, it is necessary to specifically detect the mica. The quality of the belt can be judged.

Our Insulated Mineral Fireproof Cable is intended to make sure that emergency systems in public buildings are still function in a number of the most intense fire conditions.

As a major provider of Metal Sheath Flexible Fire-proof Cable, we've got huge experience of designing and providing wires fabricated in keeping with British, European and worldwide standards. Get in touch with our technical staff to go over your particular project or program's requirements.

Fireproof Cable

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