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The Application Of MC Type Aluminum Conductors

Nov. 26, 2018

MC Type Aluminum Conductors is Acceptable for use in Division, Service and Feeder Electricity Supply under high ambient Temperatures in Industrial, Commercial, institutional, casinos and multi-residential Structures; Such as Electricity, lighting, control and signal circuits; in Hidden or Vulnerable installations; in Ecological air-handling spaces per NEC 300.22; in Most Areas of Meeting per NEC 518.4 and Theatres per NEC 520.5; in Airborne Programs when Connected to Your messenger; for installation in cable tray and Accepted raceways.

This Aluminum Conductors  has a compact strand AA-8000 series Aluminum Alloy

It has colour coded cross-linked polyethylene XLP insulation. The cable floor is bare or has green insulating material. A binder tape is wrapped across the conductor assembly.

MC Type Aluminum Conductors

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