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Applications And Benefits Of Mineral Insulated Cable In Critical Processes

Nov. 12, 2018

MI cable is a technical kind of wire used in high temperatures or harsh environmental conditions since it's low flammability, even when working at high temperatures. It resists oxidation and allows precise measurement.

An Mineral Insulated Cable can comprise numerous cables, but the most frequent configurations include 1, two or three pairs of conductors. Specialized MI wires might consist of additional thermocouples in customized configurations. High quality Mining Cable is offered in various diameters and lengths, based on the particular requirements. Many MI wires are calibrated with sensitive, quick and extremely accurate dry block breaker calibrators.

Thermocouple sensors manufactured from MI cable are all utilized widely in heat treating compounds, solid waste incinerators, sintering powdered metals, shooting ceramic substances, oil or gas fired furnaces, gas fired heating exchangers, box furnaces, and atomic or hydrocarbon-based energy plants. Please contact Sanqi Cable & Wire , a professional Mining Cable Manufacturer.

Mineral Insulated Cable

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