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The Basic Information Of Mineral Insulated Cable

Oct. 22, 2018

Mineral Insulated Cable (MI) is referred to as MI cable. When used as wiring, it is commonly used in China as a mineral cable or a Insulated Mineral Fireproof Cable. The mineral insulated non-combustible cable consists of a copper core, mineral insulation material, and a metal sheath such as copper. In addition to good electrical conductivity, mechanical and physical properties, fire resistance, it also has good non-combustibility. In the case of fire, this cable can not only guarantee the fire power supply during the continuation of the fire, but also does not prolong the combustion and does not produce toxic fumes. .

Fireproof Cable Manufacturer introduce the basic information for you, In 1896, MI Cable originated in Switzerland, spread to France in 1934, and began to spread to Britain and the United States in 1936. Due to its excellent fire protection characteristics, it is widely used, including the domestic standard for testing various mineral cables, BS6387, which is also the British standard used. Until here, all of them are rigid cables. After the introduction of Mineral Insulated Fireproof Cable into China, due to their higher production cost constraints, the initial production enterprises and users are less, until GB/T50016 is implemented in 2015. It is expressly required that the fire line be forced to use the MI cable, and the MI cable will usher in the spring.

Mineral Insulated Cable

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