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Serving The Mining Industry With Cable

Oct. 16, 2018

In the mining industry,exposure to extensive abrasion, impact, vibration, anxiety, and cut-through are typical causes for cable collapse. Picking a high quality, higher functionality Mining Cable, attachment or assembly is crucial.

Mining is a challenging job -- we're the Mining Cable Manufacturer with the hard products that you want to find the task finished. High quality Aluminum Alloy cable, MC, MHF and RHH aluminum conductors , Fireproof Cable, control wires and accessories, our mining clients use our cable inside their own shuttle cars, longwall miners, vertical and horizontal power packs, continuous miners and mining pumps.

Our dedicated Mining Cable supplier will custom designing a cable to satisfy your particular requirements, or you may select from among several stock items. We can provide the comprehensive cable bundle with straps and/or terminations to save you money and time. Explore our case studies to determine how we are helping decrease downtime and improve productivity for our mining clients.

Mining Cable

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