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Is The Aluminum Alloy Cable A Copper Core Cable Or An Aluminum Core Cable?

Nov. 19, 2018

The Aluminum Alloy Cable is neither a copper core cable nor an aluminum core cable. In the market with relatively high copper and aluminum resources, the aluminum alloy cable is developed. What are the following Sanqi Aluminum Alloy cable Manufacturer to introduce the aluminum alloy cable?

The aluminum alloy cable is made of AA-8000 series Aluminum Alloy material, and iron and other materials are added to the pure aluminum, and subjected to a process such as compression and stranding and special annealing treatment. The voids of the alloy aluminum are "squeezed" clean to reduce the cross-sectional area, so that the cable has better flexibility.

The alloy power cable compensates for the shortage of pure aluminum cables in the past, improves the electrical conductivity, bending performance, creep resistance and corrosion resistance of the cable, and ensures the continuous performance of the cable during long-term overload and overheating. 8000 series aluminum alloy conductor can greatly improve the electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance of aluminum alloy cable, and solve the problems of electrochemical corrosion and creep of pure aluminum conductor.

Aluminum Alloy Cable Supplier tell you the conductivity of aluminum alloy is 61.8% of the most commonly used reference material copper IACS, and the current carrying capacity is 79% of copper, which is superior to the pure aluminum standard. But at the same volume, the actual weight of the aluminum alloy is about one-third that of copper. According to this calculation, the same weight of the aluminum alloy cable is twice as long as the copper cable, while satisfying the same electrical conductivity. Therefore, the weight of the aluminum alloy cable at the same current carrying capacity is about half that of the copper cable. The replacement of copper cables with aluminum alloy cables can reduce cable weight, reduce installation costs, reduce equipment and cable wear, and make installation easier.

Aluminum Alloy Cable

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