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What Is Mineral Insulated Cable?

Sep. 26, 2018

Mineral Insulated Cable, or just MI Cable, are wires where conductors or wires have been enclosed by a metal coat and coated with hard-packed Magnesium Oxide (MgO). This simple structure offers high-temperature capacity, outstanding electrical isolation, and physical security for those conductors particularly when exposed to harsh surroundings.

Mineral Insulated Fireproof Cable are utilized to give circuit integrity in regions like alarm circuits, emergency lighting and irrigation methods. MICC wires have copper conductors, a good aluminum sheath and are often insulated using nitric oxide. The qualities of this cable make them resistant to flames than plastic insulated wires as a result of shortage of natural material. It's because of this that the MICC wires are acceptable for using in public locations, higher fire hazard areas like power stations and oil refineries.

For more information of Fireproof Cable please consult a member of the Sanqi Cable & Wire Sales Team. 

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