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What Is The Rubber Cable?

Dec. 03, 2018

High Quality Rubber Cable is a sort of cable that normally is composed of a dark outer sheath of rubber with different conductors inside. The rubber offers an abrasion-resistant, waterproof, watertight, protective covering for an insulated cable. Though obsoleted for national use, it's used for elastic cables when larger mechanical durability compared to PVC is demanded such as temporary electric wiring at events at which the cable is standardised as Cenelec code H07RN-F (H07 for short). Cables assembly the SOOW spec may also be made to be rated since H07RN-F, so-called"harmonised" cable, and also such cable could be utilized both in the USA and Europe. Sanqi Cable has additionally manufactured of Mining Cable, and Flexible Fire-proof Cable, Mineral Insulated Cable , etc.

By the way, the features of our cable is Light weight, Safe and secure, Reliable and efficient, Rubber Cable are Easy to carry, Easy to implement in the circuits.

High Quality Rubber Cable

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