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The Development Of Aluminum Alloy Cable

Jan. 18, 2019

The aluminum alloy cable is a new material power cable which is invented by AA-8000 Series Aluminum Alloy material as a conductor and adopts advanced technology such as special roll forming type wire stranding production process and annealing treatment. The alloy power cable compensates for the shortcomings of the previous pure aluminum cable. Although the electrical conductivity of the cable is not improved, the bending performance, creep resistance and corrosion resistance are greatly improved, and the cable can be kept continuous during long-term overload and overheating. Stable performance, using AA-8030 series aluminum alloy conductor, can greatly improve the electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance of Aluminum Alloy Cable, and solve the problems of pure aluminum conductor, creep and so on.

Aluminum alloy cable is not new, its performance and price advantages have also been tested by authoritative testing. Statistics show that Copper Fire Resistant Cable still accounts for more than 90% of the market. Of course, this does not prevent the aluminum alloy cable from gradually gaining recognition and acceptance from the public. Through the company's order status and user feedback, it clearly indicates its confidence in the future of aluminum alloy cable.

The same is true for medical and civil projects. Many hospitals still use copper cables in the main building in the early stage, and try aluminum alloy cables with better corrosion resistance in outdoor and aisle lighting with complex environments and changing working conditions. Good and planned to save copper wire cable with aluminum alloy cable in the next update of cable. We supply all kinds of types cable, MC Type Aluminum Conductors, RHH Aluminum cable, RHH Aluminum Alloy cable etc.

Aluminum Alloy Cable

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