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Do You Know the Electrical Conductivity of Aluminum Alloy Cable ?

May. 12, 2018

The conductivity of aluminum alloy is 61.8% of the most commonly used benchmark copper IACS and 79% of copper, which is better than pure aluminum standard. But at the same volume, the actual weight of the aluminum alloy is about one third of that of copper. Therefore, the weight of the Aluminum Alloy Cable is about half that of the copper cable. Using aluminum alloy cable instead of copper cable can reduce cable weight, reduce installation cost, reduce wear of equipment and cable, make installation work easier.

Under the premise of satisfying the same electrical performance, the weight of aluminum alloy cable is half of the copper core cable, and its section is 1.1~1.25 times of the traditional copper core cable, which is 15~30% lower than the traditional copper core cable.

Aluminum Alloy Cable

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