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What Are the Reasons For the Failure of the Cable?

Aug. 08, 2018

1) external force injury. Cable laying and installation of non-standard construction, easy to cause mechanical damage; buried cable in the civil construction is also very easy to damage the operation of the cable. Sometimes, if the damage is not serious, it will take months or even years to lead to the complete breakdown of the damaged parts, and sometimes the serious failure may occur, which directly affects the safety production of the unit.

2) the insulation is dampened. This is also a common occurrence, usually in the cable joints where burying or draining pipes are located. For example, the disqualification of the cable joint and the joint under the humid climate will make the joint enter into or mix with the water vapor. The water branch is formed under the action of the electric field for a long time, and it will damage the insulation strength of the cable and cause the failure.

3) chemical corrosion. The cable is directly buried in the area with acid and alkali, which often causes the armour of the cable, the lead skin or the outer protective layer to be corroded. The protective layer has been corroded by chemical or electrolytic corrosion for a long time, resulting in the failure of the protective layer and the decrease of the insulation, and the cable failure.

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