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What Do We Need to Pay Attention to Cable Production(Ⅰ)?

Jul. 30, 2018

For production enterprises, the first thing is to strengthen the quality control of raw materials for production cables. Raw materials are the basis of the product. To control the quality of the products, it is necessary to start from the source of production. The quality of copper conductors, aluminum conductors and cable materials directly determines the performance of the wire and cable products. It is suggested that the enterprises test some important properties of the raw materials, such as the DC resistance of copper conductors, the mechanical properties of the cable material and the dielectric strength, so as to ensure the quality of the raw materials purchased, and the quality inspection department of the raw materials in the factory takes the batch as the unit to the raw material quality when the raw material is entered. Line inspection, to eliminate the single pursuit of low cost and ignore the quality of raw materials.

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