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Summary Of Common Material Properties Of Cable Sheathing 2

May. 21, 2019

As a Mineral Insulated Copper Cables Supplier, we continue to share the material characteristics of the cable protector.

2. Cable sheathing material: PE

Polyethylene is widely used as a covering material for wire and cable due to its excellent electrical insulation properties and good processing properties, and is mainly used in the insulation layer and sheath layer of wire and cable.

3. Cable sheathing material: PUR

The PUR cable is one of the cables. The material of the PUR cable has the advantage of being resistant to oil and abrasion, while the PVC is made of ordinary materials.

Widely used in industrial machinery equipment, transmission and transmission control systems, various industrial sensors, testing instruments, electronic equipment, household appliances, electromechanical, kitchen and other equipment, for the environment, oil and other occasions of power supply, signal connection.

Flexible Insulated Cable

4. Cable sheathing material: TPE/TPR

Thermoplastic elastomers have excellent low temperature properties without the expense of thermosetting materials. It has good chemical and oil resistance and is very flexible. Good wear resistance and surface texture, but not as durable as PUR.

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