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Industrial control cable for speedy and safe transmissions

Mar. 02, 2018

Industrial control cable provides a medium to transmit signals from and to devices. They are used in power plants, as telecommunication cable, and other industrial application that require data transmission.

The main aim of a control cable is transmission control. In industrial, applications, including energy and transportation sector, generally, cables insulated with PVC are used.

Materials For Industrial Control Cable

Copper ones - They are non-magnetic and corrosion resistant. Their thermal conductivity and electric conductivity is second to gold and silver. They can be easily welded and are used widely. The copper alloy decreases the wear and tear, increases physical and mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion.

Silver ones - They have the highest metal and thermal conductivity, plus good resistance to corrosion and oxidation. They are easy to weld and used chiefly for coating and cladding layer.

Aluminum ones - Their conductivity ranks just below gold, silver, and copper. They have good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. However, they have low tensile strength and cannot be easily welded. Aluminum alloy in industrial control one improves heat resistance and mechanical strength, and soldering ability.

An electrical control wire transmits electricity. It comprises two or more wires connected together by braiding or twisting. The electrical wires are coated with an insulating material. The cables are classified on the basis of their protector type, insulation type, electrical conductivity, cost, weight, and other uses. You can find these cables installed in industrial areas as well as buildings.

Nowadays, fiber optical technology in industrial control cable is used. The other kinds of them include coaxial cables, LAN cables, house wiring, wireless and LAN, underground high voltage ones, and others. It's important to choose the right wiring and cable type to ensure safe and smooth transmission of signals from one device to another.

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