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How to Detect the Power Failure of the Cable?

Aug. 02, 2019

When the internal YH Rubber Cable disconnection fault occurs due to external insulation wrap, so not easy to determine the exact position of the broken, so we need to find out breakpoint a wire, then you can find the exact breakpoint .

1. Using a digital multimeter test

In addition to the measurement of basic parameters such as voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and transistor, the digital multimeter can be further modified to make its function further expanded to achieve the purpose of multi-use.

First, connect one end of the wire with a breakpoint to the 220V mains line and the other end to the left.

Pull the digital multimeter to the AC2V gear, start from the live wire access end of the wire, hold the tip of the black test pen with one hand, and slowly move the red test pen along the insulation of the wire with the other hand.

At this time, the voltage displayed on the display screen is about 0.445V. When the red test pen moves to somewhere, the voltage displayed on the display suddenly drops to one tenth of the original voltage. From the position about 15cm forward, it is The wire breakpoint is located.

Aluminum Alloy Cable

2. Using inductive stylus detection

First, remove the power supply from the cable around the breakpoint cable, then connect the cable with the breakpoint to the live wire, and place the electric pen perpendicular to the wire. Press and hold the “Inductive Breakpoint Test” button to slowly move forward on the wire. When the AC signal detected by the test pencil suddenly disappears, it can be judged that the breakpoint is at the detection point, and the error is at most 10 cm.

It is important to note that the cable around the breakpoint wire cannot be powered.

Another thing to be reminded is that this method is not a panacea. The short cable effect is obvious. The longer the cable is, the worse it is. It is a simple method without a cable cutter.

3. Polyline detection method

Connect one end of the Aluminum Alloy Cable with a breakpoint to the black test lead of the multimeter, the other end to the red test lead, and the multimeter to the resistance of *200 ohms.

In places where it is most likely to be broken, such as bending points frequently, bending back and forth. If the multimeter shows a sudden break, then this is the breakpoint.

If you still can't judge, you need to bend from one end of the cable until you find a breakpoint. This method is suitable for shorter cables.

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