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Development Prospects Of Rubber Cables

Apr. 10, 2019

As a Rubber Cable Factory, let's talk about the advantages and development prospects of rubber cables.

The development of Rubber Cable (IEC) is diversified. Large military companies shoulder the task of modern equipment and high-tech equipment, and the demand for lightweight and high-temperature cables is particularly large.

Rubber Cable (IEC)

The cables used in construction are mainly double-layer flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant wires and cables and low-smoke and halogen-free environmentally-friendly wires and cables, mainly to prevent fire hazards and prevent unsafe accidents. With the increasing energy shortage in the mainland, the exploitation of oil and natural gas has begun to turn to the ocean, and the demand for integrated cables used in the marine sector has increased. The civil aviation industry is booming. Boeing aircraft use a lot of cables. Most of them use light-weight, small-volume, high-temperature radiation cross-linked or silane cross-linked cables. Among the many types of rubber cables, especially the high-temperature superconducting transmission cables have a broad market prospect. Rubber Cable (IEC) is used in a variety of short-distance transmission of large currents due to its superior vitality.

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