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The Difference Between Aluminum Alloy Cable And Copper Cable 1

Feb. 21, 2019

Aluminum Alloy Cable is a new kind of material electricity cable devised by AA-8000 Series Aluminum Alloy material as a conductor using special compaction technologies and annealing treatment along with other innovative technologies, whereas the aluminum cable is an electrical cable with aluminum substance because its amps, which is often used nowadays.

Aluminum Alloy Cable is a kind of cable which adds trace elements as conductors on the basis of ordinary aluminum. Although it is an upgraded version of pure aluminum cable, it still has obvious disadvantages compared with copper cable.

Aluminum Alloy Cable

The corrosion of the cable conductor is mainly the electro chemical corrosion of metal, that is, the electrolytic battery caused by the interference of the original battery or stray current occurs on the metal surface. Magnesium, copper, zinc, silicon and other elements are added into the production process of High Quality Aluminum Alloy Cable to improve its creep resistance, and the heat treatment process is also added. The operating conditions of the cable are complex, and the aluminum with lower electrode potential in the environment containing electrolytes is different from other metal elements added, which leads to the formation of the current pathway leading to electrochemical phenomena such as hole erosion and crack corrosion.

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