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The Development Trend Of Fire Resistant Cable

Jan. 23, 2019

The wire and cable industry is the second largest industry in China after the automotive industry. The product variety satisfaction rate and domestic market share are over 90%. China is one of the most important cable product R&D and production bases in the world. Fire Resistant Cable, high temperature resistant, low temperature, low inductance, low noise, green, low smoke, no halogen, anti-ant, rat, waterproof and moisture resistant, etc. productive forces. With the continuous improvement of the security and system security requirements of the society, through the extensive publicity, promotion and collaboration of the government, industry and enterprises, the special Fireproof Cable products with high performance, high efficiency and safety will surely be like the developed countries in the West. Widely used in industrial systems.

Industry standards are the basis for industry and enterprise development, and product technology standards are an effective guarantee for product quality. With the development and maturity of China's wiring industry, the national authorities are vigorously promoting the standardization of the wiring industry. At present, the formulation of technical standards for China Fire Resistant Cable products has been incorporated into the next phase of the work plan. With the joint efforts of the government, industry and enterprises, the production and quality assurance of fire-retardant cable products will have rules to follow, and there are laws to follow. The technology and application of fire-retardant cable will be more reliable. More specialized areas are moving fast.

Fire Resistant Cable

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