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Do You Know the Performance of Fireproof Cables?

Aug. 30, 2018

In the case of direct flame combustion, Fireproof Cable will not short circuit or open circuit in a definite length of time (not less than 3 hours), to be sure the power supply to continue to protect the safe evacuation time, conducive to fire extinguishing and decrease losses.

Generally used in high-rise buildings, oil fields, power stations, mines, chemistry, subway and other places have high fire protection conditions, but also emergency electricity distribution, fire pump, lift, communication, signal ought to be outfitted with a system.

High Quality Fireproof Cable adopt radiation exposure, cross-linking technology and firewall settings, higher temperature resistance, not easy to spark, spontaneous combustion, non smoke, tasteless, non invasive. In use, it's a higher safety factor than normal conductors, and can better stop the cord short circuit, aging brought on by burning.

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High Quality Fireproof Cable

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