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Application Range Of Flexible Fireproof Cable

Mar. 06, 2019

With the development of technology, there are more and more automation equipments. The use of Flexible Fireproof Cables is more and more extensive, and the requirements for flexible cables are getting higher and higher. For large square cables, the amount is relatively large. The user is also getting more and more serious. Flexible fireproof cable, also known as copper sheathed embossed inorganic insulated cable, is a new type of Fireproof Cable modified on the basis of the disadvantages of mineral insulated cable. It can overcome the disadvantages of limited production length of mineral insulated cable and avoid installation. The problem of the intermediate joints appearing in the laying has the advantages that the insulating layer is not easily damp, and the installation and laying is convenient. With the continuous promotion of the product, its excellent performance is more and more recognized by the customers, and has been widely used in basic industries and In civil construction, we all know that flexible fireproof cables are a very dangerous thing, so the choice is also very important. The quality of flexible fireproof cables is the first choice.

The flexible fireproof cable produced by Sanqi is corrosion-resistant and has good shielding performance. The copper sheath has good corrosion resistance. In the environment of special or copper corrosion, a layer of low-smoke halogen-free or plastic outer sheath should be added to the copper sheath. . Under the shielding of the copper sheath, there is no electromagnetic interference, and it will not interfere with the information transmitted by the signal and the control wire and cable. The safety is good, the Fire Resistant Cable can supply power normally in the flame, start the fire extinguishing device, and reduce the fire loss. Copper sheath is a good conductor and is the best grounding wire, which greatly improves the sensitivity and reliability of grounding protection. Long service life, high temperature resistance and aging.

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