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Do You Know Aluminum Alloy Cable ?

May. 04, 2018

Aluminum Alloy Cable conductor by AA8000 series Aluminum Alloy material, using special type roller pressure molding line twisted manufacturing technology and advanced technology such as annealing treatment power cable creation of new materials.

Alloy electricity cable made up to the inadequacy of prior pure aluminium cable, though there's no improve the conductive properties of the cable, but the bending functionality, creep resistance and corrosion resistance are greatly improved, to ensure that the cable for a very long time to keep continuous stable functionality when overload and overheat, the AA - 8030 series of aluminum metal conductor, which may greatly improve the conductivity of the aluminum alloy cable, high temperature resistance, and solves the issue such as pure aluminium conductor, creep.

Utilizing aluminum alloy cable instead of copper cable can reduce cable weight, reduce setup cost, decrease wear of cable and equipment, make setup work easier.

Aluminum Alloy Cable

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