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Magical Submarine Cable

Jun. 10, 2019

The desire and ability of mankind to transform the earth is amazing! In addition to the transmission network that is well-connected under your feet, the deep and deep seabed stretches thousands of nautical miles of submarine cables, and runs between the plains, canyons and mountains of the seabed, achieving close relations between the island and the mainland, regions and regions. Contact, the one-time power you used, the one you received, which may be transmitted through the submarine cable under the vast ocean. As an Insulated Mineral Sheathed Cable Manufacturer, let's get to know the magical submarine cable.

Aluminum Alloy Cable

The type of submarine cable can be easily divided from four aspects. From the structural point of view, it is mainly divided into three-core submarine cable and single-core submarine cable. The medium-low voltage line uses mostly three-core submarine cables, and the high-voltage lines use mostly single-core submarine cables. From the functional point of view, half a century ago, the submarine cables only Simple power transmission function, the current submarine cable integrates two functions, effectively realizes the transmission of electric energy and signals on the same cable; from the perspective of insulation composition, it is divided into oil-filled insulated submarine cable and extruded plastic insulated submarine cable. From the perspective of load type, it is divided into DC submarine cable and AC submarine cable. The characteristics of DC submarine cable are small loss and easy to realize long-distance transmission. However, the application experience of DC submarine cable is not rich, and the construction cost of DC converter station is high. The exchange cable loss is large, but the operation and maintenance technology is mature, and the supporting construction cost is small. Therefore, the cable line designers usually have to make technical and economic trade-offs to maximize the benefits.

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