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The Development Status Of Mining Cable

Jan. 16, 2019

The Mining Cable is the abbreviation of the coal mine cable, and the mining cable is the flame retardant cable. All of them should be awarded the safety certificate of the mining product through the safety standard center of the National Standard for Mining Products. U-type (M-type) Rubber Cable for coal mines.

China Mining Cable has formed a considerable scale after several years of rapid development, but because the production capacity is greater than the demand, there is a situation of oversupply. The production capacity has greatly exceeded the predicted demand value of this year, and wire and cable enterprises are facing the problem of urgently improving the technical content of products.

1. Low-level repeated construction In recent years, the wire and cable industry has paid insufficient attention to the adjustment of product structure, and the contradiction of product structure is still outstanding. High-level products can not meet the needs. For example, from a broad perspective, China's bare wire production accounts for nearly one-fifth, and developed countries only account for one-tenth. In bare wires, overhead wires and Aluminum Alloy Cable strands account for the vast majority.

2. The economic benefits are low. There are more than 700 loss-making enterprises in the whole industry, and the loss is up to 1/4. The sales income and tax rate of the industry was 11.7% in 1991 and decreased to 5% in 1995. As the benefits have been declining year after year, the number of loss-making enterprises has increased, the funds in the industry are generally tight, and the asset-liability ratio is as high as 70%.

3. The scale has grown too fast. The overall capacity of the wire and cable industry is more than double that of demand. The predicted demand for all major products in 2000 is less than the production capacity.

Mining Cable

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