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What Are the High Qquality Properties of Mineral Cables?

Jul. 02, 2018

High Quality Mining Cable has very superior explosion-proof performance. It is also an advantage that other products cannot surpass. As we've said in previous articles, when there is a fire, it has a cable insulation medium, and its protective layer, which is very vulnerable to external shocks. This will allow the cable sheath to lose its protection. Under the influence of his fire water, it is very easy to cause short circuit, which will have a very serious impact on the electrical equipment. In this case, it can cause explosion danger, and the equipment on the back is very easy to explode. High, compacted insulation materials and special installation terminals are used to prevent the entry of steam gas and flame. Electrical equipment connected by cables, in which seamless copper pipe fire resistance temperature is also very high.

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High Quality Mining Cable

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