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What Are The Model Numbers And Meaning Of The Cable?

Jun. 18, 2019

The cable model consists of eight parts. As an Insulated Mineral Sheathed Cable Manufacturer, let's explain it to you.

1. Use code - not marked as power cable, K is control cable, P is signal cable;

2. Insulation code - Z oil-impregnated paper, X rubber, V polyvinyl chloride, YJ cross-linked polyethylene

3. Conductor material code - not marked as copper, L is aluminum;

4. Inner sheath code - Q lead package, L aluminum package, H rubber sleeve, V polyvinyl chloride sheath

5. Derived code -D does not drip, P dry insulation;

6. Outer layer code

7. Special product code - TH wet tropics, TA dry tropics;

8. Rated voltage - unit KV

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YH Rubber Cable

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