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What Is an Overhead Insulated Cable?

Aug. 16, 2019

What is an overhead insulated cable? Aerial cables are also very common, and they are characterized by the absence of a jacket. Many people have three misunderstandings about this type of cable, and the Flexible Rubber Cable Factory is here to correct it.

First, its conductor is not only aluminum, but also copper conductors (JKYJ, JKV), aluminum alloys (JKLHYJ). There is also a steel core aluminum stranded aerial cable (JKLGY).

Flexible Fireproof Cable

Flexible Fireproof Cable

Second, it is not a single core. It is usually a single core, but it can also be bundled with several conductors.

Third, the voltage rating of overhead cables is 35KV and below, not 1KV and 10KV.

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