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Packaging, Transportation And Storage Of Cables 1

May. 13, 2019

As a Flexible Rubber Cable Factory, let's talk about the packaging, transportation, and storage of cables.

1. Cable packaging requires cable trays, iron trays, wooden trays and iron frame wood trays. The outer diameter of the disc has a great impact on the cost of transportation and storage. The diameter of the cable for 10kV and below is 3.2 meters or less. Preferably, the width of the disk is not more than 2.2 meters, and a special transport vehicle is required for more than 3.5 meters.

2. The weight of each cable is related to the specification and length of the cable. Generally, the medium and low voltage cables have a length of about 500 meters and a weight of 3-10 tons.

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3. Cables and cable trays should not be damaged during transportation and loading and unloading. Do not push the cable reel directly from the vehicle. Cable reels should not be transported flat or stored flat.

4. Before transporting or rolling the cable tray, you must ensure that the cable tray is secure and the cable is tight. When rolling, you must follow the arrow on the cable reel or the direction of the cable.

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