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Packaging, Transportation And Storage Of Cables 2

May. 31, 2019

As an Insulated Mineral Sheathed Cable Manufacturer, we continue to share with you the knowledge of cable packaging, transportation and storage.

5. Cables and their accessories should be inspected as follows after they arrive at the site:

(1) Packaging and sealing should be good.

(2) Equipment specifications, models, quantities and accessories, special tools and spare parts shall comply with the design documents and contract requirements.

(3) The equipment nameplate, technical documents, factory test report, certificate of conformity and packing list should be complete.

(4) Equipment and accessories shall be free of bruises, abrasions, rust and deformation.

(5) The surface of the live part should be smooth and flat, and there should be no cracks, wrinkles, inclusions, deformation or distortion.

(6) Oil-filled electrical equipment should be free from oil leakage.

(7) The electrical equipment for pneumatic transportation shall be positive pressure with a pressure of 0.01 MPa-0.03 MPa and a dry air dew point of less than -40 °C. The pressure inside the gas-insulated electrical equipment shall comply with the requirements of the product technical documents.

(8) Seals, sealants, cleaners and greases should meet the requirements of the product technical documentation.

(9) The appearance of the cable should be intact and the cable end should be tight. When there is doubt about the visual inspection, it should be judged or tested by damp.

(10) The accessories should be complete and the quality of the materials should meet the requirements of the product technical documents.

(11) Pressure tanks, tubing, valves and pressure gauges for oil-filled cables should be intact.

SEU Type Aluminum Conductors

6. The storage of cables, accessories and related materials shall comply with the following requirements:

(1) Cables should be stored in a centralized manner, and the foundation of the storage site should be solid. The storage area should be ventilated, dry, and must not contain water.

(2) There should be measures to prevent damage to the cable end.

(3) The moisture-proof packaging of the cable accessories insulation material should be well sealed, and the storage, storage and storage period should meet the requirements of the product technical documents.

(4) The oil-filled cable pressure tank should be firm and the pressure value should meet the requirements of the product technical documents.

(5) Cable trays should be classified and kept without deformation.

(6) Storage and storage of fireproof materials such as fireproof partitions, paints, tapes, and plugging materials shall comply with the requirements of product technical documents.

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