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Do you know how to Prevent Cables from Exploding?

Feb. 27, 2020

To prevent fire and explosion of wires and cables, Flexible Fireproof Cable Factory will help you:

1. Ensure the construction quality, especially the quality of the cable head must strictly comply with the requirements.

2. Carry out regular cable tests. If any problems are found, they should be dealt with immediately.

3. Install a fire alarm device to immediately detect the fire and prevent the cable from catching fire.

4. Keep the cable trench dry to prevent the cable from getting wet, causing the insulation to fall and causing a short circuit.

5. Enhance the cable operation monitoring to avoid overloading the cable.

6. Accidentally clean up the accumulated dust on the cable to prevent the accumulated dust from spontaneously igniting and causing the cable to catch fire.

7. Enhance the regular check and maintenance of the cable loop switch and protection to ensure its reliable operation.

8. When laying cables, keep a sufficient distance from the heat pipes, control cables ≥ 0.5 meters; power cables ≥ 1 meter; control cables and power cables should be divided into slots, layered and separated, and it is not possible to place the layers overlapping; right In compliance with the delineated parts, the cable shall adopt flame retardant and heat insulation measures.

9. Equip with necessary fire extinguishing equipment and facilities. Overhead cables can be extinguished with commonly used fire extinguishing equipment, but automatic or remote control fire extinguishing devices, such as 1301 fire extinguishing devices and water spray fire extinguishing devices, should be installed in cable mezzanines, shafts, trenches and tunnels.

10. Take fire and flame retardant measures.

Fireproof Cable

Fireproof Cable China's fire retardant measures are:

(A) Apply fire-resistant paint to the surface of the cable.

(B) Wrap the fire-resistant parts of the cable with fireproof tape.

(C) The holes through which the cable passes through the wall, the bottom of the plate, and the shaft are sealed tightly with refractory material to avoid the expansion of the fire surface due to the diffusion and spread of high-temperature smoke when the cable catches fire. Recommended products: control cables

(D) Install heat-resistant fire barriers between cable layers, segmented partition walls and fire doors to prevent flammability between cable layers and expand the fire.

(E) The cable is wrapped with heat-resistant and flame-resistant material. When the cable is caught around the fire, the wrapped cable is insulated from the fire by the heat-resistant and flame-resistant material to avoid burnout. If the cable itself catches fire, the lack of oxygen in the bandage can cause the fire to self-extinguish, preventing the fire from spreading outside the bandage.

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