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How to Reduce the Chance of Copper Conductor Oxidation?

Aug. 09, 2019

The problem of oxidation of copper conductors is to maintain the reducibility of metallic copper from the chemical properties of metallic copper. Insulated Mineral Sheathed Cable Manufacturer recommends the following measures to reduce the chance of copper conductor oxidation in daily production:

1) Select high-quality metal copper rods to regulate supplier transportation and delivery processes and systems. After the copper rod is delivered to the company, the transparent plastic film sealing measures shall be taken. After the copper conductor is drawn and twisted, transparent plastic film sealing measures shall be taken;

2) Adopt appropriate copper wire drawing process, regularly check the annealing parts of the wire drawing machine, preferentially select the drawing oil containing antioxidant, check the concentration of the emulsion regularly, and replace it before the expiration of the shelf life; Such as Fireproof Cable.

High Quality Aluminum Alloy Cable

High Quality Aluminum Alloy Cable

3) The copper wire stranding and extrusion insulation process adopts passivation treatment technology;

4) Establish quality awareness and strengthen business training to make the above process operators aware of the adverse consequences of copper wire oxidation.

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