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What is the solution to Cable aging?

Jan. 21, 2020

Aluminum Alloy Cable will consume more power after aging. If the outer insulation sheath is damaged after aging, it will not only increase the wire consumption and power consumption, but also cause fire. It should be replaced in time.

The wire will accelerate aging under high temperature for a long time. When the temperature is too high, it will ignite the outer insulation and cause a fire. In our life, there are many people who do not know the common sense of the circuit. When connecting two wires, they just use wire pliers to twist it two or three times without tightening it. This will cause the contact surface of the two wires at the connector to become smaller. According to the common sense of physics, the smaller the cross-sectional area of the conductor, the greater the resistance, the heat generation Q = I square Rt, and the larger the resistance, the larger the heat generation.

How to determine the age of the wire?

1. Check whether the current leaks and the short circuit catches fire;

2. Whether the insulation has hardened or cracked;

3. Whether the contact resistance becomes large and the connector is hot.

Our Aluminum Alloy Cable Supplier produces various types of cables. With the continuous development of the economy, the amount of cables used in various fields is constantly increasing. The number of manufacturers producing cables is also increasing, so the quality of the cables is also different. So how can we choose a good cable?

Insulated Mineral Fireproof Cable

Insulated Mineral Fireproof Cable

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of cables?

(1) It is advisable to repeatedly bend a wire end by hand. Anything that is soft to the touch, good in fatigue resistance, elastic to the touch of plastic or rubber, and has no cracks on the wire insulator is a premium product. The outer plastic sheath of the wire should be bright in color and fine in texture. There should be no open flame when ignited with a lighter.

(2) Take a section of insulation layer to see if its core is located in the middle of the insulation layer. What is not centered is the phenomenon of core deviation caused by the low technology. When the power is small, it can still work well. Once the power consumption is large, the thin side is likely to be penetrated by the current.

(3) Be sure to check the length and core thickness for any manipulation. It is stipulated in the relevant standards that the error of the length of the wire cannot exceed 5%, and the diameter of the cross-section cannot exceed 0.02%, but there are a large number of short lengths on the market that are less than two, and fraud on the cross-section (such as the 2.5-mm 2 Line, in fact, only 2 square millimeters thick).

Naming principles for wire and cable products

The names of wire and cable products include the following:

(1) Product application or size name

(2) Product structural material or type

(3) Important or additional features of the product

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