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What do the wires of various colors stand for?

Apr. 15, 2019

As an Aluminum Alloy Cable Factory, let's talk about what the wires of the various colors in the cable represent.
1. Black: Internal wiring of devices and equipment.
2. Brown: The positive side of the DC circuit.
3. Red: three-phase circuit and phase C; collector of semiconductor transistor; cathode of semiconductor diode, rectifier diode or thyristor.
4. Yellow: Phase A of a three-phase circuit; base of a semiconductor transistor; control pole of a thyristor and a triac.

5. Green: Phase B of the three-phase circuit.

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6. Blue: the negative pole of the DC circuit; the emitter of the semiconductor transistor; the anode of the semiconductor diode, rectifier diode or thyristor.
7. Light blue: the neutral or neutral of the three-phase circuit; the grounded neutral of the DC circuit.
8. White: The main electrode of the triac; no semiconductor circuit of the specified color.
9. Yellow and green (each color is about 15~100 mm alternately attached): Safety ground wire.
10. Red and black parallel: AC circuit connected by double-core wire or double stranded wire.
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