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300/300V; 300/500V


Conductor: stranded superfine oxygen-free copper or tinned copper 

Insulation: special PVC compound 

Shield: bare copper or tinned copper wire braiding(over 80% density )

Inner sheath: modified low viscosity strongly extruded PVC, oil resistant 

Outer sheath: special PVC modified


On customer’s requirements


1. Max permissible continuous operating temperature shall not exceed 70℃

2. Minimum bend radius:

    Moving installing: 10D

    Fixed installing: 5D

3. Range of temperature:

   Moving installing: -5℃-90℃

   Fixed installing: -30℃-90℃


TRVVSP type cable is used for dry or wet inside installations requiring unstressed release but forcibly guided, freely and non-continuously reciprocating motion, and industrial locations requiring bending movement frequently such as machine tool, carpentry, logistics delivery system, crane etc.. TRVVSP type cable is water,oil,cold,sunlight,abrasion,fire resistant, bending service life is over 5 million times, suitable for fast moving.


On customer’s requirements

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